Hello, curious anonymous person! :D My name is MŞ Ángeles, but in the Internet I'm mostly known as Hamli. I'm fourteen and I live in Spain. You may have noticed before that I'm not an English-speaker because of my rusty English. Sorry about that.

  Above all, I'm a very, VERY lazy person. The laziest human in the planet. Seriously. I don't know how the hell I was able to build this site.

  I'm also very introverted, kind of unsocial and a bit grumpy, but when I talk to my friends and other people whom I trust, I'm more friendly, cheerful and crazy. My personality is a bit contradictory, as you can see.

  My hobbies are drawing, graphic designing and computers — in fact, I want to be a computer engineer someday. I'm fond of anime/manga too: my favourite ones are Detective Conan (I'm quite a obsessed fan of Ai Haibara and Conan/Ai, by the way), Death Note and Kare Kano. Oh, and I'm also a gamer: Pokémon, Ace Attorney (Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice), etc.

  Well, guess you know a little more about me now.


  Because I wanted a short name that described somehow, and Freak totally describes both L (my favourite Death Note character, who features the first version of the collective) and me. Pure and simple.


Version 1st: L

  Featured by my favourite Death Note character. The scans are by Stigia Fansub, but the website seems not to be a fansub anymore... I used some brushes from Celestial Star and Rain Harbour, and I couldn't have done the maps navigation without Pootato's tutorial.

  This is the first layout I made for months, so at first I thought it would turn out crappy, but I must say I'm very happy with the end result. A very nice layout. <3

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