1. Of course, you must be a Mismagius fan. :P

 2. You MUST enter your name, your country and a valid e-mail address. I won't list you if you leave them blank.

 3. Nicknames are fine, you don't need to enter your real name if you don't want to. But please, be sensible and avoid using something like "~MiSmAgIuZ-LuVah~". Those will be properly edited.

 4. A website URL isn't required. However, if you enter it, link back the fanlisting somewhere on your site with a code (no hotlinking, please!) or a text link. If I can't see the code on your website or it contains inappropiate material, it won't be listed.

 5. If your site is in a language other than English or Spanish, I would appreciate you pointed out in the comments box where your code is exactly, since I could get lost and not link your site.

 6. Please, don't apply the join form if you just want to change your information. Email me instead, and I'll update your info as soon as possible.

 7. Also contact me in case you aren't a fan anymore. It is okay, really. But don't just remove the code if you're linking the fanlisting — I'd just stop listing your site.

Easy rules, don't you think? Now go join!